Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Web Intelligence - Sorting a section by a measure in that section

Today I was trying to figure out how to sort a section in a Web Intelligence report by a measure in that section.  Highlighting the section and clicking the sort button was getting me nowhere.  The problem lies in what I believe is a bug.  In the Java Editor, if you right-click in the section, and choose Sort, Advanced, it brings up Manage Sorts.  When you click Add . . . there is no option to select the measure.

So the issue lies in the fact that a section gets a default sort created for whatever dimension the section is based on when it is first created.  And the trick to changing it is to select the dimension and remove the sort (from the Analysis, Display tab).  Now you can select the measure and apply a sort on it.  And checking the Manage Sorts window again, it shows the correct sort on the measure!

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  1. Hi Craig,
    I am facing an issue with sorting the sections in my report. I have 2 sections on a cross-tab. The first section on Date dimension, and the second on Department, within the first section. Now I want to sort the second section based on another dimension called Proposed Count, and not the department dimension. Is it possible to do this? I tried with the approach you have given here but wasn't able to achieve what I need. Could be because I need to sort based on another dimension, and not a measure?
    Please note that my report has exactly one record within the inner section (which is exactly what is required for this report).