Monday, February 10, 2014

Web Intelligence Report: The Blank White Screen

Occasionally, I'll have a user report that they get a blank white screen when trying to run a report.  One might be tempted to try the ordinary fixes;  check the browser version, check the Java version etc.  In this case the fix is different (and easier).  To solve, the user can simply change his/her preferences to Administrator Defined.  Go to Preferences, and on the General tab check the box at the very top that says Administrator Defined and click OK.  Walla!  The problem is solved!  If desired (but not required) the user may then uncheck the box again and define whatever personal preferences he/she wishes.

Java and browser compatibility - BusinessObjects 4.1 SP2 Patch 1

Ah the magical land of compatibility in BusinessObjects land!  This is a mysterious land, where at any moment, the solid platform underneath your feet can suddenly turn to quicksand!

When we implemented BusinessObjects 4.1 SP2 Patch 1 we had some problems.  We saw the following error when trying to create or modify reports using the Java editor:

Luckily, a new version of Java (Java 7 Update 51) had been released at about the same time, and installing it fixes the problem.  Whew!  Crisis averted!

Hello BI World, I'm Craig

Hello World!  This blog will be my attempt to relay information with regards to Business Intelligence.  I have over 10 years experience in Business Intelligence, primarily in a System Administrator role for BusinessObjects.  I'll post what I love and what I hate.  That's what blogs are for right?  My posts are a dose of reality in the hyped-up world of BI.  Hopefully you find something useful here!  The bulk of my blog will center around SAP BusinessObjects, since that is where the bulk of my experience is.